GEM Dirt produces a full range of organic soil products for every application. We start with a base of high quality sandy loam dirt that has been screened to remove all rocks, roots and clumps. We blend in fully aged organic compost that is packed with nutrients. GEM Dirt has been producing “Tulsa’s Best Topsoil” since 1989.


GEM Dirt runs the largest commercial compost organization in the State of Oklahoma. We utilize grass, leaves and manure to produce a high quality organic compost that is rich in nutrients. This compost is used for the production of our blended soil products, but it is also sold separately.

Planting Mix

Our planting mix is a 50/50 blend of sandy loam and compost. It’s ideal for the planting of trees, shrubs, flower beds and rose gardens.

Garden Mix

GEM Dirt’s legendary Garden Mix product is a blend of sandy loam dirt, leaf compost and mushroom compost. It’s ideal for vegetable gardens and raised beds. No additives are necessary.


GEM Dirt’s Topsoil is an 80/20 blend of sandy loam and compost. It’s recommended for the planting of fresh sod or grass seed.

Clean Sandy Loam

High quality sandy loam product that has been screened to remove any rocks, roots or clumps. It’s excellent for grading, patching holes in the yard and general fill applications.

Sandy Loam

This is freshly excavated sandy loam fill dirt. It’s excellent for grading and stem wall fills. It’s also a good economical choice for those just needing a load of fill dirt.

Pad Dirt

GEM Dirt’s pad dirt is a soil product with a high clay content. It’s ideal for building pad sites, roadways and slopes.

Baseball Clay

GEM Dirt offers its signature line of baseball dirt. This soil product is vibrant red in color and has just the right amount of clay for easy compaction.

Hippie Mix

GEM Dirt’s Hippie Mix is a specifically blended soil that is commonly used in the cannabis industry. This blend of Compost, Pete Moss and Perlite is packed with nutrients and provides suitable drainage for the plants.