Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home at time of delivery?

Yes, you do, if at all possible. You being home makes it easier for both parties, as by doing so, it will eliminate any confusion on where you want our driver to dump the load of product. However, on occasion, we will waive this requirement if you absolutely cannot be present. You will need to give us clear directions as to where you want the load dumped. We will do the very best that we can, but we are not responsible if you are not home and the load is not exactly where you want it.

Can I get two products at once?

Yes, you can, but you need to be aware that both products are going to mix together. The products will come in a single dump truck. If you need two separate products, we recommend that you get 2 deliveries.

What quantities do you sell in?

We sell our products in Cubic yards. To put this in perspective – visualize a square box that is 3’ x 3’ x 3’ cube. That equals 1 cubic yard or (27 square feet).

Can I purchase less than a cubic yard?

For walk-in customers, you can purchase in ½ yard quantities. Minimum quantity for deliveries is 2 cubic yards.

Do you allow people to come and load their own buckets, trunks, back seats, etc?

Sorry, we do not. We are a high volume, fast moving bulk supplier. You must have a pick-up or trailer that can be loaded with a wheel loader or skid steer. We do not allow customers to shovel their own product.

If it’s raining when my delivery is scheduled, do I have to take it?

In the event that it is raining when your delivery is scheduled, we will call you before we send the truck out. You may also call us and have it rescheduled if we haven’t called you first.

Will your truck do damage to my blacktop or concrete driveway?

With all the deliveries we have done over the years, there have been times when the weight of the truck has cracked some driveways. With that said, customers ask us to come onto their driveways fairly regularly and it’s typically not a problem. It is ultimately the customer’s decision. GEM Dirt is not liable for damages.

Can your driver dump the load in my backyard or off the driveway up near the flower beds?

If possible, we much prefer to not go off of a solid, hard ground. We have left it at the drivers discretion to make that determination if the conditions will allow the truck to go where you would prefer, without getting stuck. However, should the truck get stuck, it would then be the customer’s responsibility to pay for any towing costs involved with extracting a stuck truck.