About Us

GEM Dirt was founded in 1989 when a local Tulsa businessman named Ed Gorman acquired 75 acres of land in West Tulsa for the purposes of dirt mining. Over the next 20 years, Mr. Gorman transformed a small dirt mining operation into the premier supplier of engineered soil products in Eastern Oklahoma.

Mr. Gorman passed away in 2010 and GEM Dirt was sold to Miller Products LLC in 2012. Ron Miller is the current Owner and President.

Gem Dirt has since expanded with the opening of a second location in North Tulsa, the release of several new products and the addition of new delivery trucks. We provide a full array of environmentally friendly soil products for planting and gardening, sodding and seeding and economical options for those just needing a load of fill dirt. In addition, we carry Sandy Loam, Compost, Mulch, Gravel and Decorative River Rocks.

We operate a 20 acre green waste facility that is open to the public for free dumping of leaves and grass clippings. These products will be recycled through composting and ultimately converted into nutrient rich organic soils.

GEM Dirt is committed to environmentally conscious practices and a safe working environment. We are overseen by the Oklahoma Department of Mines and the Department of Environmental Quality.

GEM Dirt is a proud corporate citizen of Tulsa, OK. We have provided products for the Tulsa Zoo, Gilcrease and Philbrook museums, Woodward and Chandler Parks, Up with Trees and The Gathering Place for Tulsa park project.