GEM Dirt stocks a full line of decorative river rocks and gravel products. All are available for customer pick-up or delivery.

Colorado River Rock – Rainbow

Also known as Glacier Rock, these smooth round rocks come from the rivers and streams of Colorado. They are a mixed rainbow of subtle colors including grey, beige, red and brown. These decorative rocks are ideal for use in multiple landscape designs. Our Colorado River Rock is available in 1.5” and 2-4”.

Colorado River Rock – MESA Grey

These smooth round rocks are grey in color. The size is a blend of 1-2″. They are ideal for the landscaping of a modern home or professional building.

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed crushed granite is a natural product that is mined locally in Oklahoma. It’s very small in size and packs down very well. We stock the Canyon Gold product. Crushed granite is a great product for making natural walking pathways, using as a base for flagstone or spread in flowerbeds as an alternative to mulch.

Oklahoma River Rock

Also known as Aztec rock, these come from the rivers and streams of Central Oklahoma. They are beige in color with a hint of red. Sizes in stock at GEM Dirt include Pea Gravel, 1” and 1.5”. These decorative river rocks are ideal for landscaping applications or filling in those area on the sides of your home that are difficult to grow grass.

Crusher Run Gravel

Crushed limestone and powder that will pack hard. Crusher Run is the ideal product for gravel driveways and parking lots. Available in ¾”, 1.5” and 3”.

Class A Gravel

This is a washed gravel product that is ideal for any type of drainage application, including French drains. It’s also used in the mixing of concrete. Available sizes are ¾” and 1.5”.


This is a limestone product that has been crushed down to a very fine powder like material that is excellent for packing in and building a solid base.